all the music on these lists is on cdr.

when making cdrs:
~please use the lowest extraction speed
~burn at slow speed
~please use some quality brand of cdr (tdk, sony, mitsui) and no generics or "made
in taiwan"

i use fuji, sony or tdk (made in japan) pretty much exclusively.
please mail without cases in some sort of protective cover.
don't really care about artwork.
please include all setlists or links to them.

ask about a specific disc if it is not stated as DAO. most are. a few are not.

140/sb-/10 means that the show is 140 minutes, is from a soundboard source, and is the
highest quality. anything an 8 or better has good sound. 7.5 and 7 starts to suffer.

auM>cdr: means audience analog master converted to cdr. au1>cdr from 1st gen, and so on..
au1>cdr: a first generation audience tape was played through the soundcard
dauM>cdr dat audience master (if mine its a sony d-7 recorded through sonic studios mics)
lpM>cdr means lp was put direct to hardrive and burned to cdr
lp1>cdr means that a vinyl lp was played and recorded onto analog and then put onto hardrive

pfm>pre-fm soundboard feed.

1d=1 disc, 2d=2 discs, etc...

(fades)=fades between tracks. i sure as hell didnt put them there!

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